Arepo Quentin Hugard
Born in 1990 and an autodidact, Arepo comes from the magic saying that “TENET OPERA ROTAS SATOR AREPO” (meaning “the peasant is leading the plow” / “we are masters of our destiny”).

Arepo is a hapax – a word used once in the whole literature - that makes no sense in itself, but without that word the magic saying does not work. Thus, Arepo is for a vision of art that may perhaps be overlooked or superficial, but is sometimes essential in whole society.

Arepo’s surrealist work in black and white questions topics such as human relations, relations with the environment and the influence of media. He draws his inspiration both in Dürer engravings, and in the sketches of Humboldt and Bonpland brothers through the Lowbrow and Art Nouveau movement. Arepo has a special attachment to the animal and plant world that is still teeming with mystery, even today.