Jakub Exner Zoombies
Jakub Exner Zoombies is a Digital Artist and Vector Illustrator. Visual Communication, Acrylic Paintings, Manual Studio Live Act drawing, Manual Traditional Graphics and Studio Model and Art Photography are his hobbies. Graduated at College of Art -1992 – 1997, Studied, At the Academy of Fine Arts - 1998 – 2000, Graduated in year 2000 in Wroclaw - Poland. Migrated to Australia in year 2001. Finished Diploma of Graphic Design in Sydney - Australia in year 2007.Professional Photography since year 2008 Traditional Black and White Development Process. Worked commercially and independently as a Freelance Digital Artist Illustrator since year 2012.

In the beginning of 2012 discovered fluid line drawing, later called "Jakub Exner Zoombies". Zoombies style is based on manual line drawing and construction in Digital Space developed since year 2012 by computer technic of Digital Vector Outline as a combination of dense graphical mixture - flexible line and curly shapes floating in space and abstract compositions sometimes symmetrical inspired by four earthy elements, such as: wind - fire - water - smoke, to generate one united substance in undefined space and time. Emerged first time in year 2008.