Monica Manfroi
“For me, art is the purest means of personal expression, and my passion and drive for art are continuous factors in my life – I am always creating something.” - Monica M.

Brazilian native Monica Manfroi’s vibrant heritage and outlook fuel her creative motors, allowing her to bring forth such powerful and immersive artwork.

As the daughter of two artists/photographers, it was no surprise that Monica herself would possess such a thriving artistic drive.

She entered the art world early in her life as her photographer father’s assistant and over the years discovered her affinity for creating art. Throughout her life, Monica found herself working in clothing design while quietly exploring her passion for painting.

For Monica, the kind of raw expression she captures through paint comes from the free-flowing nature of her inner self.  As is evident in her work, her passion for art is unrelenting.

Her inspiration comes from a collection of factors that have influenced her life, ranging from the natural beauty of her childhood home in Brazil, surrounded by trees and flowers, to the metaphysical vibrations on spirit.

Each of her works transgresses the traditionally understood realm of paint on canvas. Like other groundbreaking contemporary artist, Monica fearlessly breaks tradition to capture true emotions.  Her visually unique paintings are universally connected through their ability to spiritually reach each individual that encounters them.

Her works have been featured prominently in the Northeast region in numerous exhibitions and she continues to be praised as a Latin American contemporary artist.

Mahlstedt Gallery is proud to represent Monica Manfroi.