Nadia La Moretti
La Moretti. L'Amore. Love. Love for beautiful arts, fashion, style, history, good cuisine, travelling, fantastic views and landscapes. Love for Italy.

Nadia Antosina, La Moretti, Latvian born and Italy based Fashion Illustrator, specialized in Fashion and Lifestyle illustration with the particular interest for History and Costume.
According to her family she has drawn her first Teddy Bear at the age of 12 months. At
early age has demostrated strong interest in drawing, fashion and make up. When she
draws can lose track of time.

Traveling around the world has influenced strongly her professional and private life.
Her work is to create brilliant images of beautiful people, fashion apparel, accessories and
jewels. She is inspired by people, beautiful things and locations, but the heart of her
illustrations is the Woman with her unique emotions. She considers her style as quite realistic and it's hand done digital art.

Nadia has created the site “La Moretti” as her creative outlet to share all great beauties,
love and emotions with the world through her illustrations. She is a happy wife and mother of a wonderful 3 year old boy.