Rene Schute
Rene was born in Germany in 1969 and raised within a traditional middle class background.  Despite all the efforts of his family to follow down the easy and comfortable and middle class life style he early discovered his love and passion for the unconventional. The lack of understanding and nonacceptance of his surroundings triggered the exploration of different forms of expression with a strong focus on painting and specifically surrealism. Rene’s professional development, who was originally trained in the commercial and trading sector, was more and more driven by his passion for art revealing in 1995 his work at an exhibition for the first time to the public. Since 1996 he works full time as an artist and 2002 his international career was leveraged with his first exhibition in the USA.    Rene’s paintings are featured by very high technical standards, generally marked by a pragmatic and clear language and dominated by the main message cutting out any rich and filling elements. Today’s spirit of the time, his own feelings and the whole spectrum of human emotions are mirrored by his paintings and should be understood as an inspiration to take different perspectives on life. Rene has had always a dislike for norm, convention and labelling. However if asked he would classify himself as a representative of the ‘modern surrealism’.